Where The Hell Did This Ghost Car Come From???

Russia is a scary place, full of vodka, krokodil, and banyas. But none of those things can explain the mysterious appearance of a random car, as it seems to materialize out of thin air. Is it actually a ghost? A remnant from the Philadelphia Experiment? Or something far more sinister?

Theories of the Ghost Car go in the … Read the rest of this story

HIV/AIDS explodes in Russia as Putin eschews “western” science

The number of new cases of HIV in Russia has exploded in recent years, as the Russian government has increasingly shunned all-things-western, including scientific expertise in curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Particularly troubling in Russia is the increasing rate at which heterosexuals are now contracting HIV, a sure warning sign of a possible spread of the disease to … Read the rest of this story

St. Vincent exhibits dance moves, human side at Stage AE

If there’s one thing that seems out of place on St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness” tour, it’s drummer Matt Johnson’s bass drum.

Eschewing the stark “St. V” logo from the cover of St. Vincent’s self-titled record, his drum sported a lone Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert bumper sticker, which may or may not have been a souvenir from the band’s recent performance on … Read the rest of this story