1.5 Tons of drugs withdrawn by Dagestan police

Makhachkala, March 8, 2013. Since the Russian Drug Control appeared, 1,650kg of drugs, potent psychotropic substances, and poisons have been withdrawn by Dagestan policemen for the 10 years, said Police Colonel Enrik Muslimov, Acting Head of the Federal Drug Control in Dagestan, today at a press conference taking stock of the Dagestan Drug Control’s work in 203-2013.

The 1,650kg are 22kg of heroin, 68kg of opium, 15kg of desomorphine, 57kg of hashish, 1,0725kg of marijuana, 366kg of potent psychotropic substances, and more than 20kg of various toxic substances.

Thanks to the daily hard work of the drug police 10,661 crimes have been revealed and registered for the last 10 years.

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1.5 Tons of drugs withdrawn by Dagestan police – Republican Information Agency

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